Rachel Black,  Pre-Licensed Professional, MAAT, ATR-BC

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times,

if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

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There are many different forms of therapy and choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. Art therapy goes beyond traditional talk therapy. It is a non-invasive form of healing that facilitates communication from our unconscious. As a Board Certified Art Therapist I have extensive work with at-risk youth, children and adults living with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and life transitions, LGBT-QIA, and Prior to my work in art therapy, I worked as an ABA Therapist in field of Applied Behavior Analysis with children with autism spectrum disorder. In addition to being an Art Therapist I am trained in Brainspotting, which is a brain-based therapy that allows the client and therapist to work together on locating their source of trauma and process through any distress the s/he is experiencing.

The first step is contacting me. As I always say, you are the one interviewing for the therapist. Within one meeting you can decide whether Art Therapy is right for you and remember you do not have to be an artist to participate in the healing process. Call or e-mail me today so we cans et up a meeting and discuss what’s right for you.

Lisa Donohue-Olivieri,   MA, LPC, LADC, ATR-BC

“Although the past cannot be changed, you can create a better future.” 


Psychology Today Profile


Hello,  My name is Lisa, I was born and raised in New Jersey and in 2012, I chose to settle down in scenic Connecticut. I first became interested in Art Therapy as a senior at Wagner College, where I majored in Psychology and minored in Art and Spanish. I began learning about the field of Art Therapy from my ceramics professor and found myself writing my psychology thesis on the use of Art Therapy to help children who had survived an earthquake in Romania. Although, it is challenging to describe the power of therapeutic art making, I instinctively knew that creative expression was deeply healing. I completed my Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapy at Hofstra University in 2001 and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), as well as a  Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC). I am also registered and board-certified with the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATR-BC). I also have additional training in Brainspotting (https://www.goodtherapy.org), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mind-body approaches, and psychodrama.

I have  been working as an Art Therapist with children, adolescents, adults, families, and groups since 2001. Before launching Art Therapy of Fairfield in 2018, I provided Art Therapy at the Resiliency Center of Newtown, a non-profit organization that opened in September, 2013. There I continue working with people of all ages who have been impacted by the tragedy at Sandy Hook School. In this role I have had the opportunity to assist with large scale community projects as well as with individuals, groups, and families with goals of reducing stress, uncovering innate problem solving capacities, and integrating traumatic memories so they no longer cause distress. I continue to provide services at the Resiliency Center on a part-time basis.

Previously, I incorporated Art Therapy into the treatment regimen with the Evergreen Program Bergen Regional Medical Center in Paramus, NJ and also at Endeavor House in Kearny, NJ. While working at these treatment centers,  I assisted individuals who were experiencing anxiety, depression, and trauma as well as substance abuse and addiction. I utilized Art Therapy to assist people in uncovering the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that led to substance abuse.

My blend of techniques enable me to tailor my treatment methods to your preferences and needs. I believe each of us have within us the wisdom and strength to improve our well-being. My client focus ranges from early adolescence through adulthood.I believe you can have a life with less tension, worry, and irritability. Stress and trauma affect many people and trauma can take many forms. For some, exposure to a disturbing event can have a lasting impact. Others may have experienced mistreatment as children and continue to struggle with the aftermath. Although the past cannot be changed, I can help you create a better future.

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